There are other videos of just kids getting comically hurt but let’s keep that for another day.  

Kids are not nice people. Mostly they are little helpless humans who need other humans to make sure they live to see another day. But every once in a while, when they are not stealing for phones to play games, they are quite funny. 

1. That went from Expelliarmus to Avada Kedavra very quick. 

2. Oh, that poor bastard doesn’t know what Lord Vader does to kids!

3. Oh, that is going to cost a fortune to clean. 

4. Oh God, why!

5. Basically the plot of Thor: Ragnarok

6. The music makes this so much better. 

7. We’ve all been here. You were either the hunter or the prey depending on who was born first. 

8. Lot of Luke and Phil Dunphy vibes here. 

9. That happened to me in the first week of cricket camp. 

10. This is actually quite cute. 

11. Classic WWE heels, attacking from behind. 

12. Wow. That was a solid right. 

13. Where is the fun in that game? 

14. 5 points for that last shot. 

15. They better pay that poor Thanos every penny he deserves. 

16. What happened between John Cena’s character and Vin Diesel’s character on Fast 9

17. Why you should never have kids. 

18. If you give your child, a skateboard and a trampoline, you’re just asking for it. 

19. Eheheheheheheh


21. Now, all of those ended badly. But since we all have had a laugh, I’ll you with one event where kids being kids actually ended up with a smile on everybody’s face.