In this lockdown what I miss the most is not my boyfriend, it’s biryani

Because biryani is true love. 

In fact, one may want to call it ‘bae-ryani’.

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If we were not going through a crisis, this would have been the best time of the year. 

With ramzaan, the streets of purani Dilli would have been filled with fragrance of spices from different kinds of biryanis.

And friends would have called me home (or I would have invited myself) to have some with them.

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But because of the lockdown, those are all just dreams now. 

*And it looks like we have finally found a bigger villain than ilaichi*.

Now some people will ask why do I not order biryani from somewhere. 

Well, aap feel samajhte ho?

First of all, it’s not ideal to order given the circumstances, and anyway the real enjoyment of biryani is in having it right after it is cooked.

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It should come fresh from the handi or cooker, with chunks of flour used for sealing the utensils, still visible on the plate.

That is the essence of biryani, the only way it is supposed to be eaten.

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*But you miss it more than your boyfriend? A real person?*

That is not an easy thing to answer. But yes. 

You see, I can call my boyfriend, I can look at his face and hear his voice.  

The same can’t be done with biryani. Biryani se baat nahin ho sakti.

The only way to communicate with biryani is to eat it (smirks) magar woh ho nahin pa raha hai. And it hurts because unlike people, biryani always values your emotions, it never cheats and is a keeper for life. 

I am without biryani what biryani is without mutton. 

And my heart is like raita which wants nothing except union with those spices and rice and pyaaz. I can do biryani-thing to have my favourite dish right now. Very soon, very soon.