The elderly have very specific uses for their mobile phones. They take calls and make calls. Then there are people who send texts and play music, you know, the co curricular activities. But not many people exploit their phones to their true potential. Let me list down some not so obvious uses for this amazing invention.

1. The strong vibrator of your phone can be used to massage your “palms” and “feet.”

2. A dim lit background on your phone can work as a light source for a romantic ambience if you cannot afford candles.

3. The screen works as a mirror. Also, you can use the camera for finding acne on remote areas of your body.

4. Your phone is warmer than your body. It can hence be used as a body warmer.

5. Moreover, you can bend the overheating problem of your Chinese phone to your advantage by using it to iron your clothes. Totally works.

6. If you have a Nokia, it can be used as weapon. I know it can be lethal, but you’ve got to protect your family!

7. Your phone is your best friend in unwanted rooms. You can pretend like taking a call, and leave the room or ignore a person. Always remember to put it on silent first.

8. You can always use it as a paperweight. That’s a no-brainer.

9. You can give your phone to teething babies to chew on, in hopes that they develop a blue-tooth or two. Hahaha…ha. Sorry.

10. You can use it as a ruler because you know the dimensions of the phone by heart.

11. You can also use it as a counter-weight to measure you go grocery shopping.

12. Some people even use their mobile phones to make killer cocaine lines. Also, the audio jack can be used to hold a rolled roach.

13. If you fart in public, you can blame it on your phone’s vibrator. Take it from me, it works really well.

14. You can use it as a metro-card case. Just insert your card between the battery and the back case. Not only is that efficient, it will puzzle people and give you instant attention.

15. You can use you phone to play games. I mean, the phones are getting so big, you can easily play carom on them, right? Oh, also, there are mobile games.