Indian marriages are just a long series of too many random, entertaining events. There is chaos, fights, controversies, love, celebrations and what not? In short, they are just like a Karan Johar movie.


There are many typical characters in an Indian marriage that you can just predict. Like, the one who is only there for food, the one who is there to complain, the one hunting for his/her life partner or the ones only to fight with the bartender to serve him even after the bar is closed. 


This family took a cue from the recent trends and designed the perfect wedding invitation to tackle some of these people. Take a look.

b’Source: Twitter’

At first, we thought it was some ‘Honest Wedding Invite’ meme, but on a second look we realized it was legit.

b’Source: Twitter’

So, for the people who just come to eat, they have sent arranged for sweets at the nearest Haldiram’s. But, they are pretty smart too. People can give their ‘blessing’ via Paytm!


A futuristic way of attending marriages. You can eat, give them presents and yet, avoid relatives asking you your monthly income.