Elvis and Modi, what do they have in common? Yeah, it’s a tough one, but I finally found the answer to this question that’s been plaguing me since I thought of it… which was a few minutes ago. The answer is they both have lookalikes – you know, people who look so much like someone famous that they decided hey! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Meet Jagdish Rai Bhatia, known to his buds as Jaggi B (I just made that up). He lives in Malviya Nagar, and he’s a total Modi lookalike, right down to the threads. He claims he gets a lot more love and appreciation these days, and obviously, a lot of requests for selfies. ScoopWhoop’s done a video about this enigma, check it out below!

You have to wonder, if he and Modi meet, will they get stuck in a Mitron-Mitron deadlock?