Isn’t it ironic how we expect one thing to happen but something contrary to that suddenly happens? Hah! Irony really is ironic. But then there are those situations that are ironically more ironic than irony itself. Confused? Well, I won’t baffle you more. Enjoy 40 of the most ironic photos ever and you’ll know:

1. You had to be barking mad to give that certificate to this dog.

2. Jailed freedom?

3. Now that must have required some architectural planning.

4. To be fair, gravity does make you fall.

5. If people knew they meant it literally, they wouldn’t have subscribed for the channel.

6. This has to be the most ineffective product ever!

7. Come on man, you ought to practice what you preach.

8. To say the least, this movie did break some records.

9. Wow, this one has irony writen all over it.


10. Apparently safety took a different train that day.

11. Some ironies stick around longer than usual.

12. I don’t blame this guy. He has to finish the book to know what it means.

13. Bird swag!

14. They really blew it!

15. That extinguisher is literally being mocked.

16. That poor Croc.

17. You won’t be rewarded till you struggle.

18. Easy guys, they just wanted to do a self test.

19. Technically, it’s in English.

Sorry, bad one.

20. Fasten-err..

21. I vouch for the genuinity of this spray.

22. Once upon a time, healthy hands did start there.

But a long, long time ago.

23. If only it could spray itself.

24. Well… He psyched out.

25. It’s simple. He just wasn’t thinking.

26. He is still learning.

27. That’s one way to crack your way into the business.

28. They had a good handle on this thing.

29. That’s a lot more real than you would want your graphics to look.

30. And “you’re” English has really improved.

The teacher must be so proud.

31. It worked! It worked!

32. Because what isn’t?

33. Breaking all boundaries to reach their goal… Or overshooting it by a bit.

34. That is actually a lie, kids!

35. Hang in there, mate.

36. Defiance level = Boss.

37. Maybe they are using all the plastic bags till there are none left?

38. Sure we can’T(NT).

39. Doing what they’re asked to.

40. Baseless claims. Or perhaps topless claims.

If irony was a person, it would point and laugh at you. And it would still be funny to you.