When it comes to things that really, really irritate us (and I mean hair pulling, head slamming, monitor smashing level irritating) there isn’t a finite number you can attach to them. The list could literally go on. But we decided to stop at 10, because if we did go on, we’d be responsible for the destruction of a lot of office property (which we really can’t afford right now, or any time soon). So, without further ado, here you go.

1. When YouTube ads don’t have the ‘Skip’ button.

2. When all you want is change but the ATM only stocks 500 rupee notes.

3. When you wait for a post credit scene only for the movie channel to quickly skip it and switch to ads.

4. When smartphone keys are too small for your fingers and you end up typing like thsifsfsnfs.

5. When you accidentally follow someone on Twitter.

6. When a movie channel shows you the most important part of the movie you’re watching in its ‘what’s coming up’ section.

Yes, thanks for telling me who the killer is.

7. When your computer starts to lag because it has a limit on how many Chrome tabs you can keep open.

8. When the most comfortable spot in the house gets the worst WiFi signal.

9. When you open a site and all you can see is one huge ad.

10. When you get your order all taken down and the guy says they don’t deliver in your area.

Why world, why must you do this to us?