There’s always that one guy in a group that feels the need to state the obvious as the obvious rolls out in front of everyone’s eyes. These people usually don’t have a lot of fun. But for once it seems like Captain Obvious found himself a job and he’s in charge of letting you know what’s what. Regardless of whether you needed it or not, here are some extremely obvious notes that will actually have you thinking twice about what they were trying to say.

These 20 notes stating the obvious will have you question your own intelligence.

1. Know what? I’ll try my best.

2. This has caused serious problems in the past.

3. Thank god for that.

4. Otherwise the thing has a mind of its own.

5. ‘Cause usually I spend my time trying to flirt with it.

6. What sorcery is this?

7. Caution!

8. I feel like trying it. Just to prove a point.

9. So that’s what happened.

10. In case you were wearing a blind fold.

11. Talk about advertising.

12. Where the front of my car meets.

13. Thanks for that.

14. This is a pretty common problem apparently.

15. Yea, ’cause that’s how Bernie ruined his day.

16. Thank the heavens.

17. Really. Who knew?

18. That’s all right. I’m still going to try.

19. Of course, that’s what it does.

20. ‘Cause last time someone tried this they didn’t really enjoy it.

Not too sure what the purpose of this was.

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