Now that the disclaimer is done with, let us proceed. You all remember the sutta song, right? We have all at some point in our college days sang it. Well, there is a new song in town and this time, the creators have swung for the fence. 

The headline mentioned weed. So if you are already here and are still going to complain about us promoting smoking, please remember, you fucking chose to click on this article. 


Of course, we are talking about Ganja. Come on guys, normal people didn’t often have the budget for bigger things.


3 friends – Samir SatijaAbhinav Sharma and Siddhivinayak Dubey have recorded the much-needed weed song that has been missing from Indian pop culture. 

Arz kiya hai…

Kandho ko BTech ke bojh ne giraya, roll karna to khud peddler ne sikhaya. Phook phook kar sutta pada hothon ka rang kaala …

While it would appear that the creators were educated in Delhi, some of the scenarios they have sung about seem to have a universal appeal. 

And of course, the classic ‘high out of your mind, drinking the bong water mistake’! 

This 4-minute track will make you cry. You have the word of a fellow stoner on that. Which doesn’t have a lot of value now that I think about it, but you can watch the video and see for yourself. 

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BTech 2016-2020 A Performer Gave his first shot at a Parody , an Engineering version of Kartik Aryan’s epic Punchnama monologue on stage and well the appreciation it got was massive…the parody was still relevant in 2020 in my final year. @samirsatija BTech 2018-2022 An introvert Singer started out to perform on stages,at open mics and he never thought that this might the time he’ll no longer stay an introvert.Found his passion and still continuing it in college in his 3rd year (if he gets passed). @another.cliche.username BTech 2018-2022 A Percussionist went on stage in hope that he will be playing a Kahun but ended up smacking a cardboard box on stage…later started editing videos and became best in the business. @siddhivinayakdubey Certainly All three of us have come together to present to you this parody…since we all miss college so much…to entertain make you feel nostalgic but most of all to bring a smile on your face. “Laoge jab tum Woh Ganja” So share it at the max level as you can Enjoy it. Keep Smiling. . . . . . . . . . . . . (Ab mai kch logo ko tag karunga jo shayad video nahi dekhenge but kya pata) . . @shahidkapoor @mohitchauhanofficial @zakirkhan_208 @aayushman_khurana__ @be_a_bassi @siddhantchaturvedi @sapanv @biswakalyanrath @tanmaybhat @kanangill @scoopwhoop . . (Aa bhosdike aake hashtags dekhle aaja) . . . . . . . . . . #parody #comedy #funny #humor #meme #memes #art #satire #tiktok #music #lol #viral #follow #covid #fun #s #cartoon #funnyvideos #quarantine #coronavirus #love #dankmemes #funnymemes #lucu #youtube #spoof #video #dagelan #instagram #bhfyp

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Adios, my dudes! I am off to roll a fat one now.