Mukesh Ambani's net worth recently rose to $64.6 billion on the back of RIL's stocks skyrocketing due to Jio. He's now number 9 in the top 10 richest people in the world. But wait, let's rewind to that number - $64.6 billion - it's an impossible figure in terms of monetary wealth, unimaginable for most of us. Here's a bunch of things you could do with that kind of moolah.  

1. Buy 640 Airbus A320 planes. They go for around $100 million a pop, and they. Are. Massive.

Source: Wikipedia

2. Set up 2.1 lakh schools in India.

Source: Outlook India

3. Buy 12.8 crore PS5 consoles, which are estimated to cost around $500. 

Source: Gadgets

4. Set up 23.7 crore public toilets in India.

Source: Exporters India

5. Raise 9.14 lakh children from birth until the age of 21, including educational.

Source: Unicef

6. You could set up 10,600 hospitals in India. 

Source: Wiktionary

7. Suck on 64 billion Cornetto ice-creams.

Source: Youtube

8. Buy 64 million iPhone Xs - 1 for every single person in the UK.

9. Buy 1.42 lakh Rolls Royce Phantoms.

Source: Autocar

10. Buy 5818181818 full bottles of Old Monk.

Source: Scroll

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