We don’t know who handles the Twitter account for Mumbai police but they legit seem to have a good sense of humour. Here’s the evidence:

If you follow their account, you know that they follow the latest trends and come up with memes based on that. 

1. Like, this one time when they called out glorification of risk in movies.

2. And when they fixed these sexist lyrics.

3. They binge on sitcoms just like we all do.

4. And urge people to keep their passwords safe.

5. The ‘drug lord’. Wondering who came up with that!

6. Let Mumbai Police teach you how to give hard lessons in a light manner.

7. Okay? Okay. 

8. Even Sheldon would be impressed with this. Okay, maybe not. 

9. A NO IS A NO. 

*Louder for people at the back.*

10. And we are taken with your humour ‘Mumbai Police’.

11. They got on the meme-wagon yet again with this brilliant tweet.

The meme-bai Police killing the game, one post at a time.