Working in one of the top advertising agencies in the capital can be the best life you’ll ever live. Or it can be the equivalent of bonded slave labour. It all depends on which part of the month you ask me.

Since I’m not Quentin Tarantino, let’s start at the beginning of the cycle. Or at the end of another. You get what I’m saying. So, 25,000 in my pocket and I head out to conquer life.

Date: 1st June

Sharing a 3BHK flat with a couple of college friends in a convenient location of the city is all good. At the beginning of the month anyway. That’s 7,000 out of the wallet right there. 18,000 in hand ain’t too bad at all.

Date: 4th June

I don’t own a car. But my wallet’s a little swollen, so I pull into work in a cab. Ah, yes even my ideas feel like they’ve just side stepped the chaos of the world in AC-cocooned safety, into the welcoming arms of my office. Will that be all?

Date: 6th June

Oh, wait before I head out, there are the tiny matters of the electricity, TV, Internet and phone bills. And the maid of course. I feel like a Lannister. Paying my debts and all. Together that’s about 6,000.

Date: 8th June

The lady of my life deserves to be treated be like royalty and so she shall. A fancy dinner or two? Maybe throw in that movie she’s been dying to see. Just call me Casanova.

Date: 11th June

And come on, I can’t not spend some time with “the guys”. Let there be food, drink and merry-making.

Date: 15th June

And hey, ordering in occasionally isn’t so bad.

Date: 21st June

The landlord’s constantly reminding me about the rent. Wait, what? Didn’t I just pay that?

Date: 23rd June

Why isn’t the Internet working? We overshot the limit again? Let me guess, the TV isn’t working either.

Date: 25th June

Ah, the girlfriend. Baby, there’s this new place I’ve heard of. No, I don’t know about cocktails, but they do give free bread.

Date: 26th June

Guys, listen. Just try DSP Black. Trust me. It’s worth it.

Date: 27th June

At this point in the mornings, I’m holding on for dear life in a share auto. 10 freaking bucks?! Are you kidding me?

Date: 28th June

Even work seems monotonous and soul sucking. Just kidding, it always does.

Date: 29th June

Dinner time and all I’ve got are peanuts. No seriously, this isn’t a metaphor. I’m literally eating peanuts.

Date: 30th June

The cycle is over. All is well with the world. Now, where’s my cab?