If you went up to westerners and asked them to list things they immediately think about when someone says ‘India’, there’s a good chance that you’d see ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Snake charmers’ as two of the answers. True, we’re much more than that but sadly, stereotypes don’t change overnight. But why is this writer talking about Gandhi and snakes, you ask?


Because what you’re about to witness is freaking awesome.

The people of Maharashtra, especially those in Buldhana district, have had to endure a long lesson on ‘what frustration means’, thanks to the not-so-competitive local Public Works Department (PWD).

So, they fell back on two things we Indians seem to do really well – non-violent protests and show our Naagin dance moves.

Let no one tell you that we Indians don’t have a sense of humour. As you can see, even in dire situations, we’re always looking for creative solutions to get our voices heard. 

Snek is love. Snek is life.