It’s not easy being the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world. You have to meet numerous world leaders on a day to day basis, run the country, fight the opposition and most importantly, click shitloads of selfies.

Because #YOLO.

Irrespective of the position, at the end of the day PM Modi is after all a human. And all those foreign trips had to take a toll on him.

Which probably explains why he dozed off in the parliament. And that too, when Home Minister Rajnath Singh was discussing the Constitution right next to him!

Vinay Dokania

Tch tch tch! Kya Modi ji? Sone ke liye aapko yahi jagah mili thi? You could’ve taken an off.

As expected, the internet went bat shit crazy!

Sonal Mehra

And it’s about time before the opposition too joins the fun.

But let’s give the guy a break, people. What if he’s not sleeping?What if he’s busy doing something else? Like scoring high at Candy Crush?

Or watching a movie maybe?

But whatever the reason may be, Rajnath Singh must’ve felt so cheated.Poor guy was giving a speech and Modi ji paid zero attention.

Koi baat nahin Modi ji! This too shall pass. Till then, sweet dreams.