Marie Kondo is a Japanese organising and tidying expert, who has got people tidying up their houses right. 

The #KonMari method has ‘sparked’ the internet with oh so much food for memes, ever since the show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, aired on Netflix. The idea is simple. In order to declutter your homes, you establish a communication with an item, ask whether or not it ‘sparks joy in your life’; and if not, you say, ‘thank you for your services’ and throw it out.


Now you can understand how this could be a major source of savage memes. While for others, the method has actually genuinely helped some people, and hence garnered ‘loads’ of love. Here are the mixed reactions of the netizens.

#1 Does this electric bill bring you joy? To the bin!

#2 Getting this printed on a shirt. BRB.

#3 Knowing my impatient self, I’ll prolly end up messing this drawer up in 3, 2, 1…

#4 The hoarder in me is feeling seen TBH.

#5 I’m way ahead of you, sister.

#6 Sorry, hoarders gonna hoard.


#7 This hits too close to home.

#8 It’s not you, it’s KonMari.

#9 Just wait till the HR konmaris your ass.

#10  Yes, can we also dump age-old practices that don’t serve our society anymore, please?

#11 Gotta sort the essentials first.

#12 Damnnit, forgot about my existential crisis. How do I sort this though?

#13 Error 402 occurred.

#14 Lol, Mark Zuckerberg, ya there?

#15 You kidding me, right?

#16 My inner Monica can feel this on a molecular level.

#17 Can we declutter language, and just talk in memes though?

#18 Well, I tried.

#19 I’ll cry if someone messed up this drawer.

#20 There goes my enter satisfaction of decluttering.

#21 But what if I need to use this app again?

#22 Oh damn, we did Aristotle proud.

#23 The KonMari method has become a phenomena now.


#24 Underwire bras only spark pain. Alcohol, on the other hand…

#25 Here’s your loophole.

#26 The idea is not just about throwing away stuff, but also to go through things that have stopped serving a purpose in your life.

#27 Getting rid of clutter is liberating, indeed.

#28 And if it doesn’t bring joy to you, it might bring joy to someone else.

#29 Well, well, well.

#30 Alt + F4 this bish.

#31 What did the books do to you?

#32 Not the DVDs, okay?

What’s your take?