They may be low on cash or their credit cards may be maxed out, but beg, borrow or steal, shopaholics will always find a way to get what they want! Period. And for the betterment of the world, it’s wise for all of us to respect their strong emotions. It may be just a pair of shoes or a new bag for you but for them it’s much, much more than that.

So, save your self-respect and your face, and absolutely DO NOT try to get in their way by saying any of these things (unless of course if you want to be bludgeoned to death by a shopping bag):

1. “Don’t get me wrong, but I think… I think you are little obsessed with shopping.”

2. “Do you really need all that stuff?”

3. “I’m sorry, but your card is maxed.”

4. “No cards. We accept only cash.”

5. “Didn’t you just buy something similar a week ago?”

6. “Anyways, I think you could’ve got it from the local market…

7. “…for half the price!”

8. “I’m so sorry sir/madam. The sale ended yesterday.”

9. “You need to learn some serious money management.”

10. “I’m sorry, but it seems that your card is not working”

11. “50% discount doesn’t mean that you are going to buy the entire store!”

12. “ATM: Unable to dispense cash. Insufficient funds in the account.”

Let’s just say this: If you ever utter these words to a shopaholic, you’re going to be in serious trouble! Especially, right now, during the ongoing Big Bazaar Maha Bachat Sale that ends on 16th August 2015 . With the insane discounts , e very effort of yours to stop them is going to go in vain and all you will hear from them is #AbManaMatKarna.

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Feature Image: Soul of Health