Yeah? Must suck to be you. Don’t even try to argue this. You know it in your heart, I’m right. 

Working today?


So the only question to ask here is ‘why are you still working there?’

The pay can’t be that good. The economy is in deep shit. It has been like that for a while. So there is no way you had a good appraisal. And even if you are hoping for a good one in 2020, deep down you know you’re getting screwed again. 

Admit it, you hate it there. You are overworked, underpaid and undervalued. Your colleagues are a pain in the ass. But you can’t even tell them that because then you’re being ‘unprofessional.’

Wow Reads

Actually you should have quit a long time ago. But jobs are not easy to find. It’s a huge risk. 

That was the first excuse you gave yourself. And it was a long time ago. But the truth is that you haven’t even seriously applied anywhere. You’ve become lazy. The job, despite everything, seems like the easiest option you have.


But like everything else in life, you won’t really know unless you try. 

Think about the worst thing that can happen to you today. 

Maybe it’s the death of your pet, maybe your partner dumped you, maybe, you lost everything in a fire or a flood, maybe your parents passed away.


What is the one thing that would still make you want to keep going? 

Do that. Quit the job. It’s limiting you, keeping you from doing what you truly want. Make that your new year resolution and this time follow through. 


You owe it to yourself. Take that stupid class that you always wanted to. Go back to studying if you want. 


Better yet, do nothing. You have been busting your ass this whole time and for what? Take a break. You’ve earned it.