There’s infinite variables in live news broadcasts, and that has led to some seriously insane gaffes and peculiarities over the years. Most recently, something happened during a news channel covering Dhoni’s retirement that feels like a scene out of a sitcom.

Speaking about and paying tribute to Dhoni, this channel said they had Yuvraj Singh to speak on the matter. However, they called the wrong number, and the person turned out to be quite the joker.

We even doubted the veracity of the video at the start, but then we saw the original link on the Zee YouTube channel.

In fact, even the guy who they ended up calling posted about it on Twitter!

Not the only is that a blunder of massive proportions, the guy even roasted them about it. Folks on the internet showed their appreciation for a true moment of candid comic brilliance.

Damn, you almost feel bad for the anchor.