The journey of mainstream Indian media from delivering information to clickbait theatrics is one story to tell. Today, primetime news channels are not so much about news per se; they are about getting dramatic and doing crazy shiz. Today, we have a channel discussing budget with a REALLY big budget.


Apparently, Aaj Tak, a primetime news channel, recently dropped a promo of their segment, ‘Budget Ki Udaan.’ Shot in FlyDining restaurant, about 160 feet above the ground, the promo had a news anchor talking about how the channel is reaching new heights. Another anchor revealed the segment’s purpose was to discuss whether this year’s budget would reach SIMILAR heights.

The promo shared by the Senior Executive Editor and one of the anchors in the show went viral in no time. Twitter is in splits to see this new comedy show.

Have a look at how people are reacting.

What’s next? Discussing budget in space?

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