Work from home is great, right? Boss isn’t around to oversee, colleagues aren’t around to annoy, you can watch Netflix on the side, you can totally not bathe, not brush. 

Etc, etc, etc.

This is what it means for most of us. 

This is how we waste it.

Now, I am no achiever myself to lecture anyone else but I did come across this interesting story about Sir Isaac Newton who wrote path-breaking papers on Optics, Calculus AND Gravity while working from his home during a plague in 1965.

If reports from Washington Post are anything to be believed, he did in fact come up with these concepts/laws/studies while he was forced to be at home – and that is just mid-boggling. 

It’s like an apple just hit my head.

Imagine, in the 2 years he couldn’t go to college, he changed the way the entire human race was going to look at things, for centuries. In some cases, forever.

Oh, and if it makes things any better, he was 22 at the time (Ugh, I don’t want to play this game. I am going home…oh wait).

Now that I think I have given you an existential crisis, let us look at how exactly Isaac Newton did it.

Calculus as we know it, is the result of him continuing on his papers that he started writing during his time at the Cambridge University.

For his theories on optics, he got small prisms and apparently made a hole in his shutters to study light.

As for gravity, well, there was an apple tree right in front of his window. Enough said.

In 1967, he went back to Cambridge with his work, and the rest is history.

So that’s that. Now go back to watching Netflix or whatever you were doing. Just keep an eye on the tree outside your window, if there is one.