It’s easy to be cool nowadays. But is tough to be nice. Here are a few things I think we can all do to be nicer people.

1. Respect other people’s opinions.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you like your toast with jam. Your friend likes his toast with marmalade. Will you take your friend’s plate, throw it to the ground, stomp on the toast and tell him he’s an idiot? No, right?

Treat other people’s opinions like toast. They’re talking about the same thing. They just have a different perspective.

2. Be proud of your country, but don’t be jingoistic.

“I love my country!” – Cool

“Fuck Pakistan.” – Not Cool

“I’m proud to be an Indian!” – Cool

“I’ll paint myself saffron, white and green and streak naked through the street.” – Not Cool

3. For God’s sake, don’t be rude on the internet.

It’s just the internet guys. It’s not life or death. Don’t lose your shit over a discussion about cookies and threaten to kill someone’s family or raise questions about people’s sexuality because they like another musician.

Try and be like this guy, who commented on a post about homosexuality. This is how you disagree with dignity.

4. Be sorted.

I’m not even sure what that means. But what I think it means is that you have to try to be mature. By being mature, I don’t mean start smoking cigars or talk about stock prices. I’m talking about being patient, polite and civil with others.

5. Develop some civic sense. It’s the best sense. EVER.

It’s about being a good citizen. Don’t cut queues, don’t pee in public, don’t jump lights… I don’t even need to say all this. We all know that we shouldn’t do these things. So let’s not.

6. Don’t be a dick.

If the cops pull you over and ask for your documents, don’t ask them whether they know your Dad. If they did, they’d come over for tea more often. And please don’t treat waiters, cleaners and other blue collar workers like shit. God, that is just awful.

7. Please don’t over share on social media.

“I had pizza today.” “I’m in a relationship.” “I’m scared of my own socks.” Well, your friends care about you, but they don’t care about you that much. The most you’ll get is a like.

8. Be comfortable in your own damn skin.

Don’t let others tell you what you’re worth. People will judge you all the time. For being loud, for pronouncing things the wrong way, or for the way you look. But don’t you care. Nothing pisses judgemental people off more than them judging someone and that someone going “meh…”

9. Don’t be too comfortable in your own damn skin.

Yes I said that. And no, I’m not really contradicting myself. It’s okay to feel confident about yourself and being passionate about things you like. But there’s a fine line between being confident and being obnoxious. For example, it’s okay to be loud. But it’s not okay to be loud when you’re in a movie theatre. Don’t go #iamlikethisonly when this happens. You’re being a dick.

10. Do what you love.

You know, people respect a person who follows his/her heart and does what he/she loves for a living. And deservedly so.

11. Please don’t be a homophobe.

What we must understand is that the LGBT community is composed of people just like you and I. They. Are. People. Like you and I. If you don’t agree with their way of life, then that is fine. But that does not give you the right to ostracise them or think them any less than yourself.

12. Have a sense of humour.

There’s a simple rule. If you want to laugh at others, then you have to learn to laugh at yourself. If someone makes fun of you and you smile, you basically disarm that person completely. Instant friendship.

Let’s all just try and be nice to other people. That usually works out for the best.

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