This is part-time singer and full time anaconda conservationist Onika Tanya Maraj, better known by her stage name, Nicki Minaj.


And this is rapper Sean Michael Leonard Anderson better known as Big Sean.

The voice of black

Almost 7 years ago, they had collaborated on a song called Dance (A$$).

You know what those dollar signs mean, right?

Big Sean vevo

However, Twitter user Sahil Rizwan recently made an important discovery when he noticed that the song opens up with the word ‘ass’ translated into different languages. 

And that the Hindi translation for ‘ass’ in the song has been shown as ‘sab kuch’.

BTW, ‘sab kuch’ means ‘everything’ in English.

Seriously, the last I checked, ass in Hindi means anything but sab kuch. 

I mean yeah, for some people, it is metaphorically sab kuch, but in a literal sense?

Not quite.

Big Sean Vevo

Check out the line below it. It roughly translates to ‘Big Sean good music. In the end, everything more famous’.

And all this while, Big Sean is just saying ‘ass ass ass ass’.

Big Sean Vevo

All the makers had to do, was use Google translate to get the correct translation of the word.

I mean it’s not that difficult to do, right?

It gives you the translation and the synonyms.

Turns out Big Sean isn’t the only grammar culprit. As another Twitter user pointed out, rapper Rick Ross too had some crazy Hindi translations up his sleeve.

Looks like it’s time for our desi rappers to exact some revenge by messing up the English subtitles in their songs.