Comedian and Comicstaan Season 1 winner Nishant Suri is back with yet another hilarious act. In this latest sketch, he talks about everything that is funny about the peculiar species — ‘the overconfident Indian bachelor’. From their interaction with Indian mothers to his single friends, he cracks us up when he talks about their psyche. 

He starts by talking about how men can sometimes be super hopeless. 

And then continues by telling all of us ki maa toh maa hi hoti hai. Aur stereotypes toh har maa ka hota hi hai. 

But then the most important question arose – ‘Ki log fish ko pet rakhte kyun hai?’  

And then obviously, ‘the men being useless part’ was hence proved. 

This sketch was so apt that I’m still confused that whether I should praise it or keep laughing. But you can figure that out yourself and watch the complete video here.