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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have missed the viral sensation that is Pammi Aunty. She’s your typical sassy, know-it-all, whose quirks and odd ways should be your daily dose of LOLs. From knowing about the hottest piece of gossip around her to debunking baseless rumours, Pammi Aunty will leave no stone unturned to champion her cause. 

And if you’ve consumed all of her videos in one go, you’ll be pleased to know that she’s back with another laughathon in the making. This time Pammi Aunty has taken up the task of slamming rumours about her supposed lip job and defending the honour of her beloved Kurkure. No one is spreading false rumours about things she loves and getting away with it! Especially something like Kurkure because it is made up of all natural ingredients like daal, corn and rice, making it as wholesome as it is finger-licking tasty. Watch how she slays all rumours and naysayers in a manner that will make your belly ache with laughter. Who knew being this sassy could be so humorous?