I remember I was in 11th grade when this whole WhatsApp hullabaloo spread like wildfire. To be in the in-crowd, you had to have a good phone which supported the app and like any lame teenager I became a part of the trend. 


But even though I became a part of it, back in the early 2000s having internet data on your phone was a luxury. Using that slow 2G network and sending multiple messages to people on WhatsApp was the need of the hour that time and one just had to do it to be a part of the social circuit.  

While earlier sending SMS forwards was all about forwarding some lame jokes and getting over with it, WhatsApp forwards was another level. 


It was pretty cool in the beginning, but it slowly became hell once our relatives became aware of all this.  

Because of these lame AF forwards, one of the greatest technological inventions has turned into a nightmare. 

Wasn’t it just enough to be a part of a WhatsApp group that literally had all our relatives who we conveniently avoided all our lives that now we had to go through their ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’ pictures Every. Single. Day?    

Logical Indian

I mean, till now I have to clean my phone’s gallery every day to get rid of those lame forwards. 


But those ‘Good Morning’ posts are not even the worst of the lot. There’s a whole universe of dumb forwards that I’m sure all of us are a part of.  

Let’s start with ‘fake news’ forwards. Sure, maybe a post about a red-alert in an area might actually be beneficial, but what about those rumours which are not even fun anymore, they’ve actually harmed people. 

Toss Hub

At least check the authenticity before you send a random rumour to a random person on your list, man! 


After this comes those ‘Mata rani will bless you if you forward this message to 10 other people or else you are cursed for the next years.’

You need to be at the peak of stupidity to take out 15 minutes of your life. Select those 10 people and then say ‘sorry, I had no other option.’ 


Then come those highly deep and motivational quotes and those ayurvedic remedy posts that probably is sent to you by your parents. Even though you know you’re never going to read them, you still have no option but to acknowledge it every time and then waste your time deleting them from the gallery.   


Also, how can we forget those festivals forwards? Be it a Diwali or Yoga day, there is literally no day people spare.  


I do appreciate some funny jokes or memes forwarded by my friends once in a while, but overall, WhatsApp forwards are something I will never be thankful for.