Built in 9 years, destroyed in 9 seconds – the story of the Noida Twin Towers demolished on 28th August. All the news agencies covered this story; why wouldn’t they? It was one of the biggest demolition the country has seen. But some news channels went a bit… creative in their coverage. 

While a lot of reporters were on sight covering the demolition, their counterparts were in the studio, presenting the news to the audience. And present they did! In fact, they were so creative in their presentation that it piqued the interest of the internet.


While one anchor could be seen reporting the Noida Twin Tower demolition news on an aerial lift, another was on a zipline of sorts, ensuring that along with providing news to the audience, they are providing full-on entertainment too.


And as with every other thing, Twitter was quick to highlight this news reporting too

Indian news channels have garnered interest on the internet for various reasons over time. Sometimes it’s their hilarious headlines, sometimes it’s the news they pick and this time it was the green screen they chose. All in all, a full entertainment package!

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