Every country on the planet has some customs or traditions or habits that are very normal to its people but pretty freaking weird everywhere else. India is no different. 

1. The touching of feet is a part of Indian culture to show respect to elders. But anyone not familiar with the concept will find it pretty weird. 

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2. Calling all elders 'uncles and aunties'. It's weird that we want to be personal with everyone! 

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3. Using water to clean your butt after taking a dump. Let's be honest, not using water is the weird thing here. 

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4. Having songs in the middle of movies that have no connection to the plot whatsoever. 

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5. A single language can have 100 different dialects, and all of them could exist within a few kilometres. 

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6. Living with your parents till kingdom come. Move out. Be independent and stop complaining!

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7. Toilets that are Indian as well as western are not all that common here but I am pretty sure people use them. 

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8. Clicking pictures with random foreigners is somehow a trend here!

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9. Moms cutting tearing up old clothes and turning them into rags to use for cleaning the house. 

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10. Calling your boss sir/madam. 

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11. Stealing shoes at weddings is definitely something foreigners won't get. 

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12. Applying coconut oil on your hair. 

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13. Adults thinking WWE is a real sport. 

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14. Science students acting like they are above everybody else. 

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15. Making your own version of Chinese food with Indian spices. 

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16. Maths teacher taking over the games period is a unique Indian experience. 

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17. Having alcohol banned on national holidays. Most other countries just want people to chill on national holidays. 

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18. Fairness creams are still all the rage in this town. 

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19. Daily soap operas that last 15 years!

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20. Arresting journalists seems to be one of the normal things that everyone has just sort of accepted. 

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There we go. We are a weird people. You have got to admit that.