Obama, I believe we can all agree, is by far the coolest POTUS the world has seen yet. No offence to the other greats that preceded him, but c’mon! The man is social media savvy, he’s genuinely funny (really, he should consider doing stand-up after November) and he’s just always chill beyond words.

But to add to the list of things that make him uber relatable, is yet another instance of Barack Obama being as human as it gets. On Friday, as he stepped out of the Oval Office to travel to Chicago, he forgot his cell phone and jogged on back into the White House to retrieve it!


Yep, just like you and I have done a bajillion times when we forget our precious devices, Obama stopped, patted himself down, probably exclaimed to himself, “O bummah!” and turned around to run back and get it.


Watch it in this video tweeted by Steve Kopack of CNBC News:

Turns out the American president has similarly forgotten his phone before too, like in November 2014 when he pretty much sprinted back to the White House to grab his forgotten BlackBerry.

“Didn’t you guys ever forget something?” Obama adorably asked some Secret Service agents after returning with his phone in his hand and a smile on his face. “I forgot my BlackBerry.”

Pablo Martinez Monsivais via Mashable

Why of course we’ve forgotten our shit, Mr. President! And the fact that you did too makes you even cooler than you already are. If for no other reason, simply for being one of us.