Everyone loves February. It just feels like the youngest of the month siblings. It’s short, it’s chill and it’s almost springtime, so the weather’s just getting a bit warm. It has Valentine’s Day. So it’s really cool. 


This year, February’s even better. And no, it’s not because of the leap year thing. Nobody wants to work an extra day every year!


Except, this time, the 29th of February falls on a Saturday, making this a 5 weekend-month. 


Which means it’s an extra holiday and your boss can do jack shit about it. 


I mean, imagine all the things you could with that extra weekend. Get 8 hours of sleep for starters.  

Also, 29th is a Saturday. So if you get shitfaced drunk, and have a hangover, you have a Sunday on the 1st to deal with it. 


I mean, I am so happy about the 5th weekend that I don’t even care what I do on the other 4. Most likely, just get drunk and binge watch something on Netflix. But it’s not what we do that matters here, it’s what we can do if we decide to. It’s the choice that matters!

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It’s the fucking freedom to wake up late and not contemplate if your salary is worth 8-10 hours of misery at the office! 


And this doesn’t happen that often, you know? LIke life gives you an extra holiday and your boss can’t even really ask you to work. I mean, what are they going to do? It’s a Saturday. Even the boss doesn’t want to work on Saturday. 


Also, college dudes and dudette, don’t feel excluded from this conversation but let’s be honest, you don’t really need the weekend. Just mass bunk on any day. It’s when you get to where we are, you’ll know the true tragedy that is having a job.

And that will be the only time, you’ll be able to appreciate why I’m making a big deal out of just another Saturday.  


So go back to studying. And you, yes, the really exhausted from a long day-person, you can go back to having a dream again. Dream of the 29th of February, the extra Saturday!