Agreed, the workplace can be a stressful place to be in with all the deadlines, bitching and politics. But it also has a lighter side to it – the funny behaviour of the employees. These 19 funny animal gifs perfectly show the different kinds of people we meet in office. Read on to see how many you’ve already met.

1. The gadha mazdoor – “OK sir, OK sir, Ok sir.”

2. The casanova – “Whatsup ladies?”

3. The chaatu – “I’ll lick my way to the top.”

4. The one who plays dirty politics.

5. The forever bhukkad – “Uh…oh… I was just having my medicine.”

6. The one who puts in the most explosive resignation letter.

7. The backstabber.

8. The one who’s never sorry.

9. The one who isn’t afraid of taking on the big shots. – “Take that, you loser!”

10. And the one who gives it back to the sexual predator. – “Saale tharki! Ghar pe maa behan nahi hai kya?”

11. The one who acts as if he’s the boss. – “Kya bol raha hai bey? Duun kya?”

12. The perpetually frustrated boss.

Sourcce: imgur

13. The lazy fella – “What do you want? Why won’t you lemme relax?”

14. The one who always ends up in trouble. – “Oh no. Not again!”

15. The bheegi billi – “Oh God! No, not me.”

16. The dude – “Here’s my card. NE praahblum. Just gimme a caahl.”

17. The sleepy worker – “Somebody please gimme a bed. Please!”

18. The irritating worker. “Aaja, aaja, aaja.”

19. The one who doesn’t give a shit when he/she needs to take a leave. – “I’m staying at home. Period.”

Imagine how life would be if you didn’t have these people in your office? Boring!!!