The workplace may not be the best to find yourself romance, but if history is any indicator, amazing friends are found in plenty at every temple of professional dedication – which is what my work bestie and I sarcastically call the office.

Allow me to break down for you just how the people you work with are basically your BFFs.

1. You’re around them basically all the time. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You know all of each other’s good, bad and weird bits.

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2. If you work together, it’s probably safe to assume you guys have shared interests to begin with. And just like that, work becomes fun.


3. They know the things that make you happy. Be it ordering in Chinese food for lunch or giggling at the bitch in Accounting tripping over a wire.


4. They’re always there when you need help passing time at boring ol’ work. Entertainment at its best. Vellagiri-stylez.


5. Regular after-work happy-hours-and-chill scenes with them are pretty much all you need to unwind.

6. And they’re there the next day, sharing your hangover and general angst in life. They’re always there.

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7. You have someone to share work enemies with. And nothing brings people together like mutual hatred for the annoying office dumbass.

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8. They are your outlet for all that amazing office gossip about who flirts with whom and whose farts smell the worst. And you know all secrets are safe with ’em.

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9. They’re the only ones that really frikkin’ get the struggles of the workplace and bitching about it together is the perfect way to vent.


10. No one can talk about work all day. So it just so happens that you now know everything from each other’s deep dark secrets to romantic drama to zombie apocalypse plans as well as your own.

11. Work friends are the ones that somehow know when you’re on your period or can laugh with you about an untimely boner in the office and weirdly enough, none of it feels weird anymore.


12. Inside jokes. There are just. So. Many. Work-related, non-work-related, poop-related or anything-else-related. And that’s what makes your relationship pretty effin’ unique – which is just code for weird.

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13. They’re the people you text ‘kill me now’ while you’re in the same room – usually a conference room. If anyone in management ever read your chats, you’d both probably get fired. So it’s basically like being partners in crime.


14. They support you no matter what – before a meeting, or a presentation, or even when you’re sending in a mail asking for vacay-days – and they make you feel bulletproof.

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15. Work parties are simply the best with them around. You can finally tell the work to fuck off and openly be each other’s unabashed besties.

16. You’ve never quite admitted it, but the weekends sometimes suck just a little ’cause you miss ’em so much! Yep, they’re your silver lining to coming in on Mondays.

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17. At the end of the day, these are the people that make work bearable. They make you come back to that damn grind week after week, and it’s totally worth it.

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Happy friendship day, ya filthy animals. Go tell your work friend tomorrow how much they mean to you. Do it right after you’ve described your poop to ’em.

Masthead source: Arnold’s Office Furniture, Feature source: Washington Post