If killing your boss has crossed your mind one too many times, don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact, it might even be good for you.   

A leading Criminal Psychologist from the University Of London suggests that fantasizing about murdering your boss might not be that negative as this will make you empathize with your superiors.  


The Psychologist addressed a crowd that our fantasies could target a lot of people from various parts of our lives. 

Popular targets are your boss, ex-partners – the list goes on, you can picture where your fantasies might go. 

The expert mentioned that humans, unlike any other life form are an evolved species who know what consequences their actions can bear. 

You think things through, you imagine what the consequences would be like, you imagine what it might be like to actually go through with it — and guess what your decision generally is? 
Vanity Fair

It was noticed that when people really think about the consequences of our actions, they don’t really want to go through it.   


The study denoted that all the future planning will make our critical judgments better when the time comes. This also might help us exercise our empathetic side.  

Fantasies and empathy exercises are critical to making good decisions, particularly in situations where you don’t have much time. While things are pretty good – that’s the time to do empathy exercises. Now is the time to wrestle with your morality and do a health check, because you don’t know what the future brings and you don’t know what kind of quick decisions you might make later.   
Vanity Fair

So, while this study is totally making us dance on the inside. The reality is that a fantasy must always remain a fantasy (unless jail time too is your fantasy.)