I remember opening a Facebook account for my grandpa last lockdown and now he scrolls for hours longer than he walks in the park daily. I love how old people do everything unapologetically, especially when it comes to social media. And the blunders they make online serve us a fine dose of laughter. Here are some of the instances.

1. Making another FB account > recalling password. 

2. A tutorial on how 'copy-paste' works. 

Source: Reddit

3. From Spotify to Facebook real quick. 

4. Grandma's loving the confetti. 

5. Voice text gone incredily wrong. 

6. Too much effort but work's done. 

7. Can't unsee it now. Cat eared girl, here you go. 

8. Casual rejections by boomers. 

9. Sleep time, how dare you reply to her?

10. Coz using the log out option from the menu is so last year. 

11. How to show couple goals without showing the couple..

12. Their loss, duh.

13. Annoying FB filters.

14. My computer, my internet. 

15. Sue's got no chill.

16. Too cool to use the silent button. 

17. Uncle Ed, yeah that's self-validation. 

18. Another reason to love grand parents. 

19. Too soon to realise?

20. It worked, though.