As much of a raging phenomenon e-commerce is, online shopping is far from the ideal manner of getting what you really want to shop for. I don’t know, maybe it’s all the excessive advertising or the fact that you’re technically just making an investment    decision off a photo on the internet. Well, there are more than enough online shopping disasters for you to feast your eyes on.

So here are 20 online shopping mishaps that ruined a lot of people’s day.

1. Size does matter, huh?

2. His mom thought she bought him a backpack.

3. Pretty much all modern advertising.

4. Another rug that didn’t quite make the cut.

5. Kinda looks like a meth addict’s before/after.

6. The poor man’s Princess Jasmine.

7. Woah. Someone clearly likes their job way too much.

8. Apparently most furniture sold online is for dolls. Or Hobbits.

9. I can’t even…

10. Apparently on the internet, size don’t matter.

11. When auto-correct takes a dark turn.

12. Not too bright. The one taking instructions, we mean.

13. The kind of trolling that gets returned. Boom!

14. Holy mother! Some subtle pranking huh?

15. You had one job… One job!

16. ‘If it fits I sits’, doesn’t apply here.

17. When your jeans turns you into a Tim Burton freak.

18. When online kitchen supplies were actually meant for your dollhouse.

19. This dude paid ₹48,000 for a picture of an XBox One!

20. Damn. The internet really has ruined us all.

Try online shopping, they said. It’ll be fun, they said!