A Malaysian man who wanted to make it big in life (quite literally) had his hopes dashed by an online retailer. The hapless Malaysian, known only as Ong, had ordered a penis enlarger online.

He got a magnifying glass instead.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the man had paid $100 for the penis enlarger.

Thus, he was flustered when he received a $5 magnifying glass instead.

What’s more, the magnifying glass came with a safety instruction.

“Do not use under sunlight.”

Even though the victim refused to disclose the name of the online retailer, the chairman of Malaysia’s customer complaints bureau Mr. Seri Michael Chong said that many people fall prey to such scams each year.

Lawyer Alex Kok (oh, the irony!) said that people who wanted to sue such online fraudsters find it very difficult to do so owing to the complex nature of the business.

Also, there are no receipts involved.

Even though this news was first reported in 2014, it’s going viral again for all the right reasons. Perhaps, we all need to be happy with what we have. Remember, less is more.