First they got Hamley’s. Now they’re bringing in Tiffany. The Ambani tribe seems to be hell-bent on giving the Indian people a taste of luxury from around the world. But why stop at toy stores and jewellery, when you can have the whole shebang?

1. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

We might need to import some milk as well, but B&J ice cream is so worth it. Cold brew caramel latte ice cream, I’m watching you.


2. Disneyland

It’s 2019 and we still don’t have a legit rollercoaster in India. I wanna go upside down, dammit! Ambanis, get on it.


3. The Sphinx

Taaki naak na kat jaaye


4. Macy’s

This department store chain is a black hole of fun – you can lose yourself for hours and buy shit you never knew you even wanted. Now we just need that Ambani money. 


5. Victoria’s Secret



6. Hpnotiq liquor

Just look at the colour of this liqueur. This is the stuff that fairies drink. Sun rahe ho, Mukesh?


7. Legal weed

Even the Ambanis need to kick back once in a while.  


8. Target

Buying gifts for people couldn’t get much easier.


9. Primark

When you need threads with steez. I know a lot of us could do with better fashion choices. 


10. Build-A-Bear

You’re never too old for a stuffed toy, especially when you can build it from scratch and give it a name. Guess what Mukesh Ambani will call his?


11. Hulu

We’re missing out on a whole lot of entertainment just because we don’t have Hulu. Chop chop, Ambanis!


12. Guitar Centre

The world’s largest musical instruments retailer needs a spot in our country. How else will Nita Ambani rock out when the Mumbai Indians win?


13. Kylie Cosmetics

Looking fabulous all the time is easy with these Kardashian accessories. And Mukesh’s lips could use a bit of filling up! 


14. Whataburger

We’re all sick of watching people eat amazing burgers on YouTube. It’s time for the real deal!


15. Shake Shack

Just so we could compare with Whataburger.


16. The Kohinoor

Mukesh vs. The Queen – Round 1.


17. The World Cup

If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em!


Maybe the Ambanis will listen if we start a Facebook event or something.