First they got Hamley's. Now they're bringing in Tiffany. The Ambani tribe seems to be hell-bent on giving the Indian people a taste of luxury from around the world. But why stop at toy stores and jewellery, when you can have the whole shebang?

1. Ben & Jerry's ice cream

We might need to import some milk as well, but B&J ice cream is so worth it. Cold brew caramel latte ice cream, I'm watching you.

Source: Foodbusinessnews

2. Disneyland

It's 2019 and we still don't have a legit rollercoaster in India. I wanna go upside down, dammit! Ambanis, get on it.

Source: Thepointsguy

3. The Sphinx

Taaki naak na kat jaaye

Source: Worldatlas

4. Macy's

This department store chain is a black hole of fun - you can lose yourself for hours and buy shit you never knew you even wanted. Now we just need that Ambani money. 

Source: Tcpalm

5. Victoria's Secret


Source: Cbslocal

6. Hpnotiq liquor

Just look at the colour of this liqueur. This is the stuff that fairies drink. Sun rahe ho, Mukesh?

Source: Mixthatdrink

7. Legal weed

Even the Ambanis need to kick back once in a while.  

Source: Leafly

8. Target

Buying gifts for people couldn't get much easier.

Source: Supermarketnews

9. Primark

When you need threads with steez. I know a lot of us could do with better fashion choices. 

Source: Independent

10. Build-A-Bear

You're never too old for a stuffed toy, especially when you can build it from scratch and give it a name. Guess what Mukesh Ambani will call his?

Source: Silive

11. Hulu

We're missing out on a whole lot of entertainment just because we don't have Hulu. Chop chop, Ambanis!

Source: Techadvisor

12. Guitar Centre

The world's largest musical instruments retailer needs a spot in our country. How else will Nita Ambani rock out when the Mumbai Indians win?

Source: Guitarplayer

13. Kylie Cosmetics

Looking fabulous all the time is easy with these Kardashian accessories. And Mukesh's lips could use a bit of filling up! 

Source: Refinery

14. Whataburger

We're all sick of watching people eat amazing burgers on YouTube. It's time for the real deal!

Source: Papercitymag

15. Shake Shack

Just so we could compare with Whataburger.

Source: Mallofamerica

16. The Kohinoor

Mukesh vs. The Queen - Round 1.

Source: Businessstandard

17. The World Cup

If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em!

Source: Cricket

Maybe the Ambanis will listen if we start a Facebook event or something.