While the LinkedIn universe is full of over-exaggerated elements who’d try to find value in everything for a good post, there are profiles which do exactly the opposite. These are bizarre because they’re either too auspicious or too scary for ordinary people.

Twitter user Trung Phan (@TrungTPhan) shared a snippet of an anonymous ‘outrageous’ work History on LinkedIn, and Twitter is amused. Take a look.  

While the person in question criticised Phan for reducing them to a meme, they acknowledged that people have interesting takes on their profile.

After working with Theranos and WeWork for over seven years, the person decided to take a break cos ‘look at their prior employers.’ The former health-tech company dissolved after a fraud scandal and the latter plummeted after a failed IPO, immense loss of money, and of course, the pandemic.

But apparently, the person’s return after the break wasn’t like a walk in the park either. They were employed by FTX (bankrupt trading company) and SVB (Silcon Valley Bank) subsequently, and both of them collapsed.

Albeit sympathetic, people are reacting in the most hilarious way possible. Have a look.

‘It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me!’

This person surely must’ve had SOME experience. Their profile should be a case study.

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