Poor Pahlaj! He was hounded by controversies ever since he’d assumed the position of the Censor Board chief. Seriously, kiska muh dekha tha position lene se pehle?

First he received (much deserved) flak for all that unnecessary censoring.And then when he tried to appease PM Modi by dedicating a film that highlighted all the development in India, it came out as a disaster as well.

The film was panned left, right and center. Why? Well, poor CGI for one.

Pahlaj Nihalani
Pahlaj Nihalani

Not to mention, many of the locations were not even Indian.

Sandy grains

Now thanks to that disaster of a video, there are rumors of him getting sacked . Again, we emphasize on the word RUMORS. Meaning there’s been no official announcement as such, but apparently, many high ranking ministers, on the condition of anonymity, have confirmed the news.

Whether it remains a rumor or becomes a reality, it’s always good to have a Plan B. So worry not, Mr. Nihalani. Here are some career options you can choose from just in case you have to step down.

1. Carpenter

Come to think of it, it’s the perfect job. Involves a lot of CUTTING; something he already loves.

2. Yoga instructor

Just take a look at some of the asanas in his films.

The Views

Long before Baba Ramdev, the man was propagating yoga via his movies. Try doing it full time, sir. You clearly have a knack for it.

3. Babysitter

The man loves kids. He’s great around them. As depicted in this pic. So why not open a creche?

BTW, that’s baby Sonakshi Sinha on his shoulder. Awwww!


4. He can write cheap, crime novels with titillating titles

He has mastered that with his movie titles:

Check my movie

Keeping in mind his talent for catchy titles, he should totally write a racy, crime novel.Maybe something like this.


5. Poet

The man is deep. Just check out some of the lyrics of the songs from his movies.

With lyrics as deep as these, there’s no reason why he cannot be the next Gulzar.

6. Join the Clean Ganga mission

Pahlaj Nihalani loves ‘clean’ movies. That’s why, he’s forever ‘purifying’ all the movies by cutting out all the ‘dirt’.

7. Salesman for cleaning products

Remember his penchant for clean things? Well, ab jab aap movies saaf kar hi chuke hain, how about helping people clean their houses as well?

I’m pretty sure it’ll pay you well.

8. Bigg Boss contestant

What’s common between Rakhi Sawant and Pahlaj Nihalani? Well, not much except that they both love making controversial statements.

Check out some of the most controversial statements made by the Censor Board chief.

With comments like these, I’m pretty sure he’ll be granted a wild card entry.Trust me, he’ll find a lot of stuff to censor in there.

9. Moral Science teacher

I think it’s the perfect job! Just imagine, you get to teach your ideologies to young, impressionable minds.

So what if they’ll make fun of you behind your back. Woh toh abhi bhi kar rahe hain.

10. Start an aggarbatti factory. With Alok Nath.

What happens when one sanskari meets another sanskari? Magic! Magic happens.Mr. Nihalani, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s another person who shares your zeal for purifying India. Our very own babu ji. Shri shri 108, Alok Nath ji. So why don’t you two collaborate?

Kaam koi chota ya bada nahi hota, Nihalani ji.