We like to stereotype everything. Engineers as forever alone nerds and doctors as people with bad handwriting and an annoying hospital-y smell. I heard they stereotype models as dumb, and say they don’t have a tough job. Well I disagree, and after looking at the solid evidence we have collected, you will too!

1. The hind-sight pose

2. The squat in the heels pose

3. The you-can’t-find-my-legs pose

4. The couch-headed-mentality pose

5. The I’ll-drive-you-crazy pose

6. The wonder-how-dogs-do-it pose

7. The walls-are-closing-in pose

8. The old-age pose

9. The hand-pump pose

10. The broken-hand-pump pose

11. The letter-posting pose

12. The floor-mop pose

13. The toffee pose

14. The blown-away pose

15. The toe-drunk-to-talk pose

16. The desh-ki-mitti pose

17. The lizard pose

18. The bagula -pose

19. The creepy-crawly pose

20. The wall-hanging pose

21. The ass-on-wheels pose

It is indeed hard. Respect.