*Cue Morgan Freeman’s voice*

You, my friend, are the lord of tech. The geek in shining armour. The restorer of faith and peace of mind. The messiah who knows every goddamn PC and laptop setting like the back of his hand. The saviour without whose approval no one buys any gadget whatsoever. The protector who’s saved friends, and friends of friends from burning bucks on random-not-worth-it-pieces-of-sh*t. And not to forget… the patient saint who’s had to face these painful everyday struggles in the name of friendship:

1. When a friend calls up to tell you that he / she has won a million dollars because a random banner said so.

2. When you see your friend shutting down the laptop instead of putting it on sleep.

3. When you get to hear, “Yaar, I am still seeing the error message. I thought you had fixed it, right?”

4. When you explain to them how to end a task by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and they are like…

5. When you have to go to a friend’s place at 11 PM just because he / she doesn’t know how to RESET the damn router.

6. When you have to explain to them why a game runs smoothly on your PC and not on theirs.

7. When someone types a freakin’ website URL in the search bar.

8. When you want to disown a friend because he / she types with JUST two fingers.

9. When a friend’s desktop makes your eyes bleed because of THIS.

Source: Thriftyofficefurniture.com

10. And because he / she has been ignoring the Windows 10 upgrade notification for over a WEEK!!

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