There is a thing about apples and Apple – they are both expensive. But it’s hard to confuse the two of them. However, that’s exactly what  a newscaster in Pakistan did and now she is a butt of many a joke.

She had a guest on her show who was talking about Apple’s business. He said their turnover is probably bigger than Pakistan’s entire budget but he didn’t mention ‘company’ Apple. 

Confusing it with the fruit, she said:

Ji sir, maine suna tha ki ek seb ki itni daam hai (Yes, I know even one apple is so expensive).

Things got really awkward after that. 

The man clarified that he was talking about the company and not the fruit, and a lot of flinching and apologising followed. 

Now these things take seconds to get viral on the internet and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the video has been shared by hundreds of people already.

One apple a day, keeps jobs away.