Recently, a hilarious video of a Pakistani show from 2016 went viral. The video consists of the host of the show, Nida Yasir asking some really strange questions. 


In an episode of ‘Good Morning Pakistan,‘ host Nida Yasir is seen speaking to students Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq Waqar from the National University of Sciences and Technology. They had made an electric Formula 1 racing car for a US-based competition. 


But here’s the thing, it seems like the host didn’t quite understand the topic of discussion. As she’s seen asking questions like ‘How many people can be seated in the car?’ In fact, at one point, one of the students was visibly irritated, as he responded by saying ‘No, it’s a Formula car. We’ve made one. It’s a race car.’ 

Evidently, people caught on to the lack of research by Nida Yasir, and began tweeting about it too. 

You can watch the clip here. 

Yikes, this was pretty embarrassing to watch.