Unquestionably, TikTok videos have been a source of entertainment like no other. Be it the good old days of scrolling through the app or watching TikTok video compilations on the internet today. By now we have all agreed that making such content requires talent and moreover ‘confidence’.

It appears that our friendly neighbourhood Pakistanis have mastered the art. Keep reading, because much to your amusement, we have compiled some ‘profound’ Pakistani TikTok videos that you can’t miss out on. 

1. Man did it way better (and cooler) than your average Superman. 

2. Or is ‘getting stuff on rent for TikTok purposes’ a thing in Pakistan?

3. This dude is the photographer we need at Taj Mahal. 

4. While I remember fainting during my morning assembly in school. 

5. We stan the rich kid. NGL, he got some swag. 

Mind = blown, right?