There are ads. And then there are Pakistani ads. Which are almost an art form. Now you must’ve seen many beautiful (read: fucked up) Pakistani ads before but we guarantee, this one takes the cake.

The kid’s sister becomes hysterical and starts screaming for help.

Which kinda becomes annoying after a while.

Her knight in shining armor soon appears…

My university

…And saves the kid with the most awkward stunt known to mankind.

My University

Oh, and gets a bouquet in return.

And that’s when you realize, that the ad was for a washing detergent! No kidding! Such twist, much wow, very amaze!Check out the video right here and be prepared for a facepalm.

Time To leave The Earth

After This Add its time to leave the earth..i want to go on mars Full Stupidity :-p So Funny :-pMust Watch #คђ๓ค๔

Posted by My University on Friday, 30 October 2015