Cabs have become such an important part of our lives that it is really hard to imagine one without them. This naturally makes cab drivers really important too. 

And we all have stories about them, don’t we? At some point, we have all met a driver who wants to know everything about your life, or the one who will definitely take a left if you ask him to take a right. 

There is another category of cab drivers, though: Pakistani savage dudes. Trust me when I say the word savage has never been used more appropriately in a sentence. 

Because these guys just give it right back, and hilariously so. The screenshots of their chats with the riders are all over the internet (thanks to Instagram user notmanoj who shared them first). Here are some of them.

1. Bhaiya just went “control your languez, I am not your yaar”.

2. Aukat pe chale gaye.

3. Umm…

4. I am with the driver on this. Totally legit.

5. Chale jao.

6. Again, makes sense.

7. When you realise you may have taken it too far. Hilarious.

8. This is totally something my mom would say.

10. That’s sexist but maybe he has reasons.

11. Tell me about it, Rashid bhai.

12. Gotta appreciate the honesty.

While Pakistani Uber drivers are starightforward, ours too are no less. 

13. He loves it. Sweet.

14. Keeping it sansaakari.

There are many more of these on the account of notmanoj. You can read them here.

These drivers are taking these people on a ride. Literally and metaphorically. 

All photos are taken from the Twitter account El Camino.