Pakistani content creator Bilal Khan has won it. He has won the title of being the cutest husband.

In a series of videos that are now going viral, Bilal asks his wife, Dua, to come out of the house with some excuse and hands her roses and says I love you, and…it’s extremely adorable.

In the first video, he parks the car outside their house, and as she comes to get bananas, he hands her a red rose. To which she hilariously reacts by saying:

Keema chadha hua hai choolhe pe, aur inki mohabbatein nahin khatam ho rahi.

The video got hugely popular so Bilal posted another one of him wishing Dua an early happy birthday by getting her cupcakes and a rose again.

Which she finds very sweet. But she has a concern this time too.

Whenever you do this, main duniya ke sabse gande hooliye mein hoti hun.

Dua may just have become my favourite too.

Meanwhile, the comment section of these videos is getting flooded with mashallahs and understandably so.

The kind of content we need.