As much as we like to love certain characters, we also have a strong urge to rightfully hate the other characters who wreak havoc in the protagonist’s life.

The minute they show up on screen exuding their awful energy, you’ll want to clench your fist and punch them square in the face. Does this take you back to Arthuro from Money Heist or that Player 101 from Squid Game

Well, there is bad news for you. There’s another addition to this clan of mischief-makers and he is *drumrolls* Bhushan AKA Banrakas from Panchayat 2! Yeah, the one who opens his mouth only to spew filth. 

Bhushan or as fondly called Banrakas has taken up the mantle of annoying the heck out of us every time he makes an entry chewing tobacco. It’s oddly satisfying how Arturo, Player 101, and Bhushan evoke the same rage in us the moment we spot them on screen. 

And Twitter was quick to conclude that all these 3 on-screen characters, despite being separated by countries, are united by a single trait (we all know what that is).

Panchayat 2 is a smash hit for all the right reasons, and one of the characters that they’ve mindfully crafted has officially joined the league of characters we love to hate. 

Literally us every time Bhushan opens his mouth: