Every day hundreds of vulnerable wildlife are displaced from their natural habitat as a result of human encroachment. As the primary cause for the loss of their environment, you’d think we owe them big time, right? 

So when an endangered wild animal is exposed to a dangerous situation by inadvertently entering a human settlement, it’s only human to expect our government, police force, forest officers or any concerned authority to have the basic training and resources to rescue them and guide them back to whatever’s left of their home. Well, think again because what you’re about to watch is plain embarrassing. 

Here’s everything you shouldn’t do while rescuing a leopard from a vulnerable situation:

The incident took place under the jurisdiction of the Panipat police department and hopefully will be immortalized in training videos of what not to do in such situations. 

When you’re this unprepared to handle a basic leopard rescue, how do you expect to avoid man-animal conflict which continues to be a common coup across the nation as human beings increasingly poach animal territories? 

Other’s were equally amazed at the spectacularly horrendous response:

I guess they skipped this chapter in police academy.