My god, Baghban. That was the movie, my parents claim, that made them realise the need for an ‘insurance policy’ that I could never become. That’s what they made out of the larger-than-life-Salman Khan, the adarsh child they could never have. But this ad by a Pakistan-based property website, Zameen, has taken it all to the next level, with none other than Fawad Kan in the lead.

It’s about everything most of our parents lived up to – leaving the house for a big city, securing a settled job, and then sending money home every month. But having Fawad Khan play the role of that son, now that’s what will give you major FOMO over the things you’ve not done for your parents (stop clock of regrets starts). Be warned, it’s innocent ads like these that begin very deep and disturbing conversations of ‘Tere paise jaate kahaan hain?’

Watch the complete ad here: