Most of us would do almost anything too keep a close friend from trouble. After all, that’s the space friendship occupies. Parents protect, teachers educate and friends make all of that more fun. Sometimes though, you have to toe the line and tell an innocent lie here and there to keep them from getting a tongue lashing by their teachers or to save them the trouble of explaining where they were to their parents. Every true friend has said at least one of these lies!

1. ” Haan mere saath hi hai aunty !”

Yeah right. While they’re a million kilometres away doing something unprintable.

2. “Of course he loves you yaar !”

You can count the number of Indian girlfriends who have heard this from their BF’s BFF.

3. ” Beemar hai, kal tak aa jayega.

Professors and teachers, hands up if you’ve heard this one.

4. ” Daaru? Cigarette?! Chhoota bhi nahi hai!

The things we tell our friend’s parents… it almost makes us feel bad.

5. “Don’t worry, he was just on the phone with me.”

Worried girlfriends and boyfriends have definitely heard this one.

6. ” Haan , he was staying over at my place as usual.”

Even though he could have been in Narnia for all I know.

7. ” Aunty woh badhiya gaadi chala leta hai, kabhi 60 cross nahi karta.

Yeah, and pigs fly.

8. “Dude, she never bitched about you! That’s crazy!”

If calling you lord of the nincompoops is bitching, then yeah…maybe.

9. ” Actually aunty, main ground floor pe hun, woh top floor pe hai .”

They’ll just call you back. JUST.

10. ” Uncle, woh abhi parking mein daal raha hai, bas do minute.

Well, traffic in the country IS crazy…

11. ” Arre aunty woh to so gaya, mein bata doonga .”

Because sleep is obviously a state of mind.

12. ” Waise kutte ko walk pe le ja raha hoon, abhi call karne ko bata deta hun .”

You don’t even have a dog!

13. ” Arre ma’am kya baat kar rahe ho? Iska baap toh MP hai .”

Yeah, the MP of lies.

14. ” Actually ma’am, alarm nahi baja.. .”

Late for class? No problem.

While none of us condone lying as a way of life, sometimes situations just call for a little bit of wordplay. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, it’s always good to have your buddy’s back.